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WordPress Site Development Examples

What you should know
If you decided to use a custom WordPress theme for your WordPress site development, it does not mean that you have to reinvent the wheel. The custom theme will give your WordPress site a unique and appealing look. However, functionality of the features and plugins would be similar to those of other WordPress sites. This is why it's important to check your competition and other WordPress sites to see what and how they used in their project. Learning that will help you with your own site development.
WordPress Site Development and Custom Wordpress Theme

Major News Networks and Fortune 500 companies, use WordPress to build their sites and blogs. They usually develop a custom WordPress theme and their websites stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can look at TechCrunch, CNN, NBC Sports, and UPS, just to name a few.

These giants are followed closely by a pool of mid-size companies and even one-man shops. WordPress site development is now accessible to virtually anyone and for any type of a website. Here are some samples:



Educational institutions

Custom WordPress theme websites are popular with schools and colleges. WordPress offers a convenient way to present information about school, in variety of formats, and with easy updates. WordPress site development tools provide additional features to extend the website functionality, including such options as class registrations, collecting tuitions, and even online classes.


Corporate Site

Of course, the US Naval Academy is an Institution, but ... its Business Services Division WordPress beauty might very well qualify for a Corporate site.


Online store

Normally, WordPress site development is not a good solution for an online store. However, a custom WordPress theme plus some magic and voila ... behold the elegance of Kartell Los Angeles!


Professional website

WordPress is a popular choice for professionals. In its early days, websites for physicians, attorneys, CPAs helped the platform to gain strength. And it still remains the best solution for this type of websites.


Publications and galleries

Publications and galleries are just another sample of a website that commonly uses WordPress. Most of the functionality is available through plugins and can be quickly added.


Blogs, Posts, Portfolios

Of course, WordPress is still used for its original purpose - blogs and posts. And just to show you versatility of WordPress, there is one in Japanese.


On WordPress official site ( ) you can find more examples of the projects developed on WordPress.

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Future of WordPress site Development

While checking examples of the best WordPress sites, keep in mind that WordPress continues upgrading and improving. This is a live platform and should stay current for some time. That's a great news for the future of your WordPress site.


We hope that these examples will help you make a decision. Many other aspects of your project need to be considered, though. Please schedule a free consultation with WordPress development team and we will prepare a solution that is ultimately YOURS!

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