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Hosting for WordPress website development

What you should know
Search Engines are a prime Marketing tool for a WordPress shopping cart website. If a search engine finds your website down or not responding it might lower its listing and hurt your traffic. It is important therefore to have a reliable hosting account with proper settings and timely support.
WordPress website development - hosting tips

While WordPress is not really demanding where the software is concerned, it does require certain server resources to run smoothly. This is especially important for large sites with lots of data. WordPress shopping cart and other plugins also need a boost of power. Here are some additional details.

  • Disk space: For stable performance you will need about 100 Mb of the disk space on the hosting server. Practically all hosting companies provide packages with at least that much space, but the more "free space" available above the minimum the better. Of course, websites with big galleries, podcasts (audio) or videocasts (video), as well as WordPress shopping cart with lots of products, may need more space.
  • Server resources: WordPress is very demanding to the server resources. If your WordPress website development project has fewer than 600-700 visits a day, it shouldn't be a problem. If you're expecting more traffic than that, you will have to consider expanded resources or getting a separate virtual server to avoid slow page response and the risk of losing regular visitors.
  • Requirements to the hosting platform: You can choose either Win32 or Unix/Linux. It is recommended, however, to host on Unix servers with the installed WEB server Apache. This is a native environment for PHP/MySQL and would perform better, especially for a WordPress shopping cart website.
  • PHP support: WordPress is written on PHP so you won't be able to launch any site on hosting without PHP support. You don't need a deep knowledge of PHP to work with WordPress but its support on the hosting platform is necessary. Currently, WordPress requires PHP version: 4.1.22 or higher, however, we recommend PHP 5.
  • MySQL support: The data in WordPress is stored in the MySQL database, so just as with PHP, getting hosting with MySQL (version: 4.3 or higher) is required. For really large WordPress website development projects you might consider PostgreSQL, however, the port to another database is not easy. In general, if MySQL is not enough, you probably need a custom solutions rather than a CMS like WordPress.
  • Apache modules: Ideally, you should have all of them but all modules may not be available form all hosts. When running WordPress you definitely need the mod_rewrite module, which is responsible for the safety of some plug-ins and site statistics. It is also important for your WordPress shopping cart to keep URLs search engine friendly.

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Wordpress Shopping Cart Vs. Hosting?

What we are comparing is potential savings from a cheaper hosting, against the cost of extra programming work caused by hosting issues. With hosting prices being so cheap, is it really worth to try an save $100/year on hosting just to lose $350 on extra repair when your WordPress website goes down?

Sensible Solution

The bottom line is - your hosting solution should satisfy your WordPress website development project needs. If you do not expect to afford the cost of a decent hosting account, maybe you should rethink your entire website development plans.

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