is a South Florida I.T. company. Our Miami Magento Developers are proud to present the new "Popular Magento Features List" as part of our Magento Online Store Knowledge Base Library.

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Miami Magento Developers: Popular Magento Features List

We are not going to overwhelm you with technicalities. Our Miami Magento developers want to present to you only the most important and popular Magento features list and do it in plain language. We feel that the features list below is really the Magento calling card ... what makes it special. We understand that you might have additional requirements, or even different Magento features on your mind. If you do, our Miami Magento Developers will be happy to assist you with those.

1. Multi store (Several Magento online stores in one admin panel)

Magento Commerce is designed to allow you to create several stores and then display some or all of the same products in each of those stores (so products only have to be entered into the system once!). If you make a change (price for example) it is changed automatically in all your stores. Every Magento online store can even be viewed differently including products, languages, and even mobile versions! Our Miami Magento developers often use this Magento feature to create multiple front-ends and allow other Magento online store owners to list our clients' products on their own websites.

2. Attributes - probably the most popular item on our Magento features list

Magento Commerce uses the EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) system for storing data. In every Magento online store an entity is represented by data elements like products, categories, customers and orders. Every entity has its own record in the database. Our Miami Magento developers can link attributes to these data elements which are the characteristics of entities. For example, "products" can have attributes such as: name, price, status, etc. The "Value" is just the specific entry for an attribute (i.e. Widget1, $25.00, In Stock, etc).

The EAV system gives your Magento online store incredible scalability which is impossible in a standard database. You can add new attributes at any time (to a specific item or even to all items at once) without any modifications to the database structure. When a new attribute is added, no new logic for working with it is required because everything is already built into Magento Commerce. This popular Magento feature helps you control product options and allows easy import/export of the data between Magento and CSV files our Miami Magento developers can develop.

3. Attribute visibility scope

Taking into consideration the above mentioned structure, three types of attribute visibility scope can be applied in Magento online store:

  • GLOBAL (applied to all stores i.e. The SKU is a Global attribute - it is the same for all views)
  • WEBSITE (applied to a specific store i.e. Product Status has a Website scope, meaning that you can hide or show a product per Website)
  • STORE VIEW (applied differently depending on the store i.e. Product name belongs to the Store View, which enables you to use a different product name depending on language)

4. Design / Themes

The design flexibility of a Magento online store is also very high on our Magento features list. There are many paid as well as free pre-designed templates for Magento and of course, completely custom themes can be created as well. Magento uses the principle of template inheritance, which helps our Miami Magento developers to make changes without complicated "re-writes" of the site's theme.

5. Catalogue

Built-in categories, tags, item grouping based on various characteristics, sorting, goods comparison, layered navigation (filtering results by attributes like price, appearance, etc.) are provided in the Magento admin section. You can easily upload multiple images, create cross sales, and add similar goods with just a few clicks.

6. Static pages

A Magento online store allows simple creation of static pages. A novice user can quickly add About Us, Terms and Conditions, Return Policy, etc. with no "programming" knowledge. Our Miami Magento developers love this feature because it virutally turns Magento into a Content Management System.

7. Ordering /Checkout

By default your Magento online store is designed with a one-page checkout process consisting of 5-6 steps. On our Magento features list this is easily the most elegant and intuitive feature. Most deployments use this checkout but of course, custom/"quick" checkout pages can also be developed by our Miami Magento developers.

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Popular Magento Features List Helps

Building an online store business is not an easy thing and takes time and effort. Changing your eCommerce solution in the middle of the stream is not an option. Our Miami Magento developers have skills and experience with all versions from Enterprise to the hosted MagentoGo platform. Make sure you talk to us about your online store needs before making a decision.

Magento Online Store Solution

No matter which feature from the rich Magento features list you will find the most useful. We sincerely hope that Magento becomes a successfull solution for your business.

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