Magento website developers are happy to share their knowledge with you. But in this case let's see other Magento store examples.

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Magento Store Examples with Comments from Magento Website Developers

Keeping trade secrets on the Internet is hard, if not impossible. If you introduce a new concept on your website, in a short while your competitors pick it up and it's suddenly all over the world. Magento website developers would like to help you use this trend for YOUR benefit for a change. We're scanning the web for what other merchants are doing and we want to show you how these features can be applied to YOUR Magento store.

Of course, we cannot look at the control panel back-end, but based on what you see on the front, if there is an option you really would like to see from the administrator side, please contact us and we will arrange a demo for you.

Below is a showcase of some standard (but important) functionality, some of the advanced options, and a few really cool samples just so you know the potential of Magento store. We don't want bore you with a lot of details or "tech talk" here, just show you some really neat stuff!

For an appetizer, here are 3 simpler Magento website samples:

Style of Paris Magento Store

Style of Paris is just a regular Magento store with standard options and a custom skin (design). The shopping cart offers an interesting feature of providing multiple product images and color/pattern selections. Custom billing/shipping solutions have been implemented by the Magento website developers.


Cell-U-Rite Naturals by Magento Website Developers

Cell-U-Rite Naturals is another standard website with a modified template. One detail worth mentioning is that this Magento store is integrated with WordPress for it's Blog functionality. Actually, Magento has blog plugins of its own, but in this case the client requested a custom WordPress installation. This is not the only custom feature though. Our Magento website developers integrated Cell-U-Rite with The Fulfillment Advantage order fulfillment services. We have extensive experience integrating Magento with various third-party APIs and web services, including Amazon, eBay, BrightPearl, Google, Bing,, and more.


The Graceship

The Graceship is also integrated with a fulfillment warehouse, but it's noteworthy that this site was developed on the MagentoGo version of the license. As a hosted Magento store, the website has certain limitations, however, even with those limitations our Magento website developers were able to customize the look and feel. They did such a good job that The Graceship was featured as a "site of the month" in June of 2012 by Magento Commerce itself!


The next sites are little more advanced:

Ready Wheels

Ready Wheels was developed a while ago and brings back lots of warm memories for us. At that time, Magento was probably the one shopping cart that could properly handle a store like Ready Wheels. It is not even about the fully-custom design, but the amount and complexity of the data and filters. Working with multiple data tables certainly called for some creative solutions.


Specifically, take a look at the search filter in the left column, as well as the elimination search at the top of the page.


Also, please note that when you make a car selection and then choose your wheels, the system suggests a set of tires for you based on your selection. A similar concept can be applied whenever you have a secondary product or a product set to offer.


Little Treasury

Little Treasury is also a fully-custom Magento store. Please note how the catalog is organized with flexible category trees of brands/designers, as well as product types. The Magento website developers can deploy multiple category trees and even cross-reference (link) them to each other for you.


Federated Controls

This Magento store is interested because .... this is not even a store! In this case, Magento was used as a content management system. The Federated Controls site does have a catalog of products and solutions. While neither is for sale here, the display format and options were in a style that Magento conveniently handles. The Magento website developers then used Magento's CMS capabilities for the content management part of the project.


This example illustrates the software's versatility very well.


Myriad Fine Art

Myriad Fine Art is a great illustration, or actually hundreds of illustrations, (pun intended!) of how a Magento shopping cart can handle various product options.

With this site, in addition to nice design and basically standard Magento store functionality, the Magento website developers incorporated an integration into a stand-alone custom flash application...


Select a product, click the "custom size & frame" button from the product display, and that will open the flash custom application. There is really nothing special in the link that opens the application. And the application itself is written separately in Flash/Flex. However, it is integrated with the store's back-end and exchanges data based on the customer's product selection. We often get questions from our clients if they can use third-party scripts and programs with Magento. This example might give you an idea of how easily that can be done.


View Sonic

Speaking of third-party scripts and custom integrations, see what can be done when you have an above average budget. Actually, even for View Sonic, Magento store supports most of that functionality right out of the box. It just takes time for Magento website developers to configure the options and add content.

Products, Solutions, Corporate section of the portal, and more - all can be controlled by the Content Management System. The blog here is built with WordPress.


Nike Facebook Australia

We would like to close our list with this interesting sample. Imagine a Magento store as a part of ...a Facebook application?? Yet, here it is! The Magento website developers integrated the Nike Store into the Facebook! Now, we are not suggesting you to run (pun intended again!) and do the same, even though can do this for you. We just wanted to give you an idea of Magento's power and versatility.


Oh, yeah, a Magento store also looks and works great on mobile devices!

Now, that we gave you some food for thought, take your time, organize your ideas, and contact Magento website developers to discuss your project.

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Magento Store Samples

See what other merchants are doing with Magento and get ideas for your own business. However, do not turn your Magento store into your personal toy. Remember, you are building the website for your clients, not for you personally.

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While you are looking at these great samples, please understand we have not even scratched the surface of what Magento can do. Magento website developers have skills and experience to build and integrate the most sophisticated solutions for you using the Magento platform.

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