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Magento store integration and how Magento programmers can help

A Magento store is a multi-functional eCommerce system based on Zend PHP. It is designed to make working with content/products, solving marketing tasks, and interacting with customers quick and easy.

The Magento software application provides all the functions that you would expect from a typical online store. Our Miami Magento programmers can also integrate some really interesting additional functions to expand your website's capabilities. Here are some of the Magento store integration options:

  • You can manage several stores using one admin panel.
  • You can change languages and currency if necessary (language and currency localization).
  • Thanks to the application programming interface (API) our Miami Magento programmers can easily integrate your Magento store with third-party programs.
  • You can customize addresses and automatically generate website schemes to make your Magento store attractive for search systems. Magento programmers have an extensive SEO marketing experience. We will make sure your website is Google-friendly.
  • You can make and send RSS-feeds if new goods appear.
  • You can establish different prices and pricing levels for different goods and create bulk discounts.
  • You can check, in real time, the cost of delivery from most major carriers (including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more).
  • Your Magento store can be quickly and easily integrated by professional Magento programmers with many popular payment systems including PayPal and
  • You can easily set up cross/up selling, i.e. links to additional or related goods or services.
  • Your customers can complete an order on one page rather than multiple screens which dramatically increases your percentage of completed sales.
  • A Magento store has a very good reporting system, i.e. you can get complete information on goods in stock, customers, orders, and more.
  • You can easily change the size of images and watermarks.

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Magento store integration

If you need a shopping cart software, make sure you check Magento Commerce. Certainly, it is not the only software available, but it is truly the best in the industry now. For your convenience, Magento store comes in various versions. Our Miami Magento programmers have experience with all versions, including Community, Enterprise, and MagentoGo. We will make you proud of your Magento website.

Miami Magento programmers solution

While a superior product, Magento store needs a proper handling. Rich options, flexible design, and constantly released new features are great when you know how to work them. Our professional Miami Magento programmers are happy to not only build your Magento website, but also to support and market it, as well as teach you how to operate it.

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