Presents a Knowledge Base Library. Our Magento store developers are talking about Magento shopping cart and how it fares against the competition.

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Magento Store Developers compare Magento Shopping Cart with its competitors

Before pitting a Magento shopping cart against its competition, let our Magento store developers first identify that competition, so we compare apples with apples, rather than with oranges.

While identifying the competition, we will also tell you what a Magento store is good for and when another shopping cart solution might work better. Magento is a powerful tool. If you are only selling a few products, or need a temporary store (like when you have a small inventory to sell), you might consider something lighter or even a small shopping plugin.

Similarly, if you have a really tight budget, try to go with smaller solutions or plugins. Contact our Magento store developers and we will help you decide on the best solution. Even if it is not Magento, we will be able to develop and support your eCommerce website for you.

However, if you are serious about selling online, if you need a permanent, high-performing website, with a plenty of juice under the hood, and if lowest cost is not your sole determining factor, then a Magento shopping cart must be on your list, along with products that can compete with it.

Here, Magento store developers included osCommerce, Joomla/Virtuemart, Volusion, and PrestaShop. These eCommerce solutions are also quite good. osCommerce at one point used to be the most popular eCommerce product on the market. However, in recent years its market share has been steadily shrinking. Can the same happen to Magento shopping cart? Anything can happen, but it is very unlikely. osCommerce is a purely open-source software. There is no commercial version, which makes it difficult for the developers to support and grow the product. Magento is a strong hybrid of 3 versions (including even a hosted MagentoGo), with 2 of these versions being commercial products. In 2011, eBay bought Magento and the future seems bright and secure.

Magento shopping cart vs competition

Our Magento store developers prepared a popularity comparison charts for you. The first chart (above) shows the trend of how often each of the shopping carts has been looked up on Google search in recent years. You can also see a forecast for the next year. The chart clearly shows that Magento shopping cart will continue outperforming its main competitors. As a matter of fact, it became so much of an industry standard that you can see in the next chart (below); Magento in 2013 has become more popular than even generic terms like "ecommerce" or "shopping cart"! But we got distracted. Let's get back to our analysis.

Magento store developers compare Magento and industry terms

The main advantages of OScommerce and Joomla/Virtuemart, as well as a number of smaller eCommerce products, over Magento shopping cart, are their quick and easy installation. Custom design and skinning can also be done faster, so you can have a quick start-up for your business. Basically, these shopping carts have fewer files and/or programming settings, so they are easier and faster for a professional store developer to work with.

But you are a website owner, not a programmer. What you need are features, options, and convenient control. And these carts are lacking it for the most parts. Their control panels are bulky and not intuitive, they lack plug-ins, are less secure, and not search-engine-friendly. Some of these eCommerce products are still in use today but they are quickly getting obsolete (if not there already). Another major issue with smaller and older online store products is lack of upgrades. These platforms are no longer being actively developed, so no upgrades are available. Incidentally, if you still operate one and need maintenance help or would like to migrate to Magento or another advanced platform, Magento store developers are here to help.

Now, let's take a look at Volusion, a popular hosted eCommerce solution. Similar products like BigCommerce and others exist and are popular with merchants who have a limited product line, do not market through search engines, and/or do not want to deal with hosting.

Volusion has convenient customer, product, and order controls. Also, in its basic format it can be quickly set up online with just a number of clicks. But our Magento store developers do not recommend a hosted solution for a permanent eCommerce website. To begin with, you do not even own your Volusion website. It will work only on Volusion servers and you cannot download it or move anywhere else. This is pretty much just a rental arrangement. Instead of owning a house you are simply renting an apartment. Volusion comes with all the characteristic rental restrictions. You cannot fully customize your website, you can only integrate with the value-added services offered by Volusion (integration with service providers outside of Volusion network might be limited or impossible), there are no plug-ins available and writing custom scripts is not allowed. Further, search engine optimization presents a challenge, as you depend on the code written by Volusion.

PrestaShop is probably the closest Magento shopping cart competitor on the market these days. It is an open-source, free eCommerce software. It is quite robust and feature-rich, but at the moment PrestaShop is only like a little sister of Magento shopping cart. It does not have a commercial version, the number of plugins is limited, finding experienced Magento store developers is also much easier. This is also a typical trend for other good but new eCommerce products, especially since there is such a dominant player on the market as Magento.

In the end, when choosing the right platform for your eCommerce website, your best decision would be to contact an expert like one of Magento store developers and discuss your business specific situation. We will make sure that the solution we develop for you is just right. And we can always maintain, grow, and market your online store for you!.

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Magento Shopping Cart Vs. competition.

We are not asking you to invest in Magento stock. So, while it is the best shopping cart on the market, Magento still needs to work well for your business situation. Check with us if it does, or if there is a better fit, yet.

The right Solution from Magento store developers

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