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Magento Plugin Developers And Extensions You Might Want For Your Magento Web Store

Recently, having a Magento web store has become one of the most popular eCommerce solutions among online merchants. This platform has a stable and powerful core, which makes Magento robust and reliable. It also offers a wide range of plugins that enhances the shopping cart appearance, performance, and productivity. These plugins can be broken down into various types based on their usage. Below, we've listed only the most common types along with a short explanation. Please visit us often as we constantly update our Magento Knowledge Base Library. If you cannot find specific information you are looking for, please contact us with your questions.

What you should know
There are tons of free and paid plugins and extensions that will let you expand the features of your Magento web store or connect with third-party applications. Although this will cover the needs of most projects, because Magento is an open source software, experienced Magento plugin developers can create a completely custom extension or plugin that be able to deal with any type of integration not already available.
Magento Plugin Developers for your web store

Magento themes:

Themes are extension packages that enhance your Magento web store with a pre-set design. They are actually not "functional" plugins. Themes are a set of graphics, PHP, and HTML/CSS files organized in a certain layout. A theme is the quickest and the simplest way to make your Magento website look great and provide your customers with a convenient user interface. Most web store owners hire Magento plugin developers to customize a theme so it stands our from other sites that chose the same theme and better matches overall company's business style. Remember, themes don't have to be set in stone, they can be more of a guideline to the look of the site. Some of the most popular themes are: EM Casual clothing template, Jewelry store Magento theme, EM Electronics store theme, and others.

Invoicing and billing/payment plugins:

Payment extensions are certainly at the top of the popularity chart. Without billing and checkout, your eCommerce website would be just a catalog of products. Of course, there are websites like that and, as we mentioned in other sections of our Knowledge Base Library, Magento can be used as a CMS for just such a site if that's your goal, however, such cases are few and far between. Magento is still used mostly for a web store and to provide a smooth and easy Magento web store experience, it is essential to create an intuitive and easy checkout process. While the standard checkout interface is user-friendly as is, and even offers a one-page checkout, it might require additional extensions to work with your credit card processor or for custom payment integration and invoicing. Magento plugin developers did some of their best work with PayOne payment extension, PDF Print module, and Booking and Reservation solution just to name a few.

Shipping and digital delivery plugins:

Most eCommerce websites sell physical products and must have a convenient mechanism that allows the Magento web store owner to bill the most accurate amount for each shipping scenario. The main differences between all the shipping plugins are usually the carriers (like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL) and delivery settings. Sometimes, certain custom options are necessary to protect the merchant from shipping losses, while offering the most savings to the consumer. Magento plugin developers offer a wide range of shipping extensions for these purposes with ShipWorks and WebShopApps MatrixRate being some of the best.

For merchants who sell digital products, Magento offers that functionality right out-of-the-box, but if you need advanced features, there are plenty of plugins like Magento Digital Checkout or Custom Downloads by Add In Mage.

Flash and JavaScript plugins:

This covers extensions that are either Flash or Java-based, or which provide Flash or JavaScript support for your Magento web store. Most high traffic eCommerce websites use Flash and JavaScript in order to enhance appearance and improve the shopping experience. Often, these plugins provide a substantial speed boost in loading times of pages and even the checkout process itself. Some of the most popular examples include TeaserBox, Simple Banners, Fooman Speedster and some website templates. Sometimes, flash and javascript extensions need to have custom features unique to a specific website. In those cases, Magento plugin developers can develop a fully-custom code.

Product import/export plugins:

These extensions allow you to export and import product records in a bulk. By default, a Magento web store comes with export tools for customers and orders data. The exported data comes in CSV format, which is a standard intermediate format for export/import procedures. While the set of fields for customers and orders are usually the same from one web store to another, product records usually differ widely across various stores. Due to the unique product records, import/export of products usually requires custom script changes or additional small scripts. You can ask Magento plugin developers to create a custom script or configure the popular extensions (like Import/Export products, GoMage Feed Pro, or Magento Order Export).

Integration plugins:

Integration modules is one of the most important, but often overlooked, extension types on the Magento plugin market. These are often avoided or seen as unnecessary; however, they may become one of the best features of your Magento web store. For instance, your website may have integration with Google Maps service that will help customers locate your nearest retail outfit in their local area.Integration with eBay or Amazon services (M2E plugin) will certainly attract a huge number of Amazon and eBay merchants, who will find this feature very useful. Implementing a bookmarking service via a popular social network (Facebook connect plugin) will definitely boost your website traffic due to the easy and free advertisement via news sharing among social network users.

Most of the integration plugins require additional settings after the installation. For example, with Integration & Fulfillment types you might need to pass your product/order information, get back shipping status, and check inventory. Some of these extensions might be pricey, but they are worth their weight in gold, like Embedded ERP plugin.

Accounting integrations are also very popular and QuickBooks, Sage 50, or another accounting software support will save you lots of time and manual labor. Some of the most popular accounting plugins include CartSpan, eCC, and Slink for Magento.

Integration extensions might be tricky. Consult your Magento plugin developers before making a selection.

Magento blogging plugins:

The importance of blogging for eCommerce websites is quite obvious today. These blogs serve as an important link between the growing businesses and their current and prospective customers. They allow users to ask questions, review other customers' ratings for certain merchandise, receive support in case something goes wrong, and leave feedback. Collecting feedback is essential in order to develop a proper understanding of how good your Magento web store is and how it can be further improved. After all, communication is what makes business a lot more personal and what makes customers come back for new purchases. With a proper blogging extension (such as Blog by aheadWorks or Magento WordPress integrator) Magento plugin developers will certainly contribute to your website popularity.

Automation plugins:

Congratulations! If you are thinking about one of these, your Magento web store must be doing some good volume. As the name implies, these plugins would automate tedious and repetitive tasks for you. A good example is Tag Manager that will automatically create product tags for your catalog, Bulk Product Price Updater that will manage your prices, or Bulk Order Processing that can run multiple orders.

Final Thoughts:

The number of existing extensions is enormous and sometimes it feels that Magento plugin developers are working around the clock to please the ever growing Magento web store merchant-base. listed here only the most popular extension types. If you are looking for another plugin type, or need a custom change/addition to an existing plugin, please contact us to discuss your needs. We can also help you with version compatibility and plugin updates. Make sure that a plugin fits your version of Magento and that shopping cart version upgrades are followed by a check of the active extensions.

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Magento is a very flexible system and while the use of plugins can greatly expand its capabilities, properly configuring them can be difficult for "casual" users. Plugins need to not only look and work correctly but need to be right for YOUR Magento web store. It may be tempting to try to do-it-yourself but since extensions can affect so many other features it's usually best to let professional developers install and configure them.

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