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Joomla! Advantages

  • Simple Installation. It's very easy to install Joomla! It takes a few more steps than the WordPress installation but it is still easy. Those who have enough skills to download the installation package from Joomla!'s website, have enough skills to install it.
  • Complex Hierarchies. Joomla! possesses a navigation pattern that can support multilevel hierarchies. With its help Joomla! is able to work with thousands of pages significantly better than WordPress does.
  • Over 9000 extensions. Joomla! has many more extensions than Drupal. Almost every idea for a website is covered by Joomla!'s extensions. WordPress has even more plug-ins, but it has fewer features out-of-box, which requires more functionalities to be plugged.
  • Support. Joomla.org is one of the largest online communities. You can be sure that there are answers to any question about Joomla!. There are many tutorials, forum posts, and videos to help newbies.
  • Simple URLs. Joomla! has built-in SEO-friendly URLs that are easily indexed by any search engine crawler.
  • Not Too Technical. It doesn't demand its user to be a developer or a designer. Some may use Joomla! with a little knowledge of a WYSIWYG editor and nothing more.
  • Easy To Update. It's not necessary to have technical skills to have Joomla! website up-to-date.

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Joomla! Websites

Softaddicts.com has extensive experience with both simple Joomla! based sites and complex social websites created with a combination of Joomla! and JomSocial.


Do not let your social network website turn into a support forum. Both Joomla! and JomSocial have been well tested and commented. They also offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Don't forget to have an experienced specialist install and configure one of these plugins for your website development project. Sometimes, a solution is simpler than you think.

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