Presents a Knowledge Base Library. Our Florida Magento programmers want to tell you about some issues with Magento site just so you can properly deal with them.

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Florida Magento Programmers: Magento Site Problems and Issues

Despite its power, Magento Commerce does have some problems. Don't be confused, we believe the advantages and benefits of Magento site far outweigh these problems. In fact, some of the problems are simply the other side of a benefit. Let our Florida Magento programmers explain them to you.

First of all, by problems we do not mean bugs! Actually, because the software is constantly developing, Magento programmers fix bugs and vulnerabilities rather quickly.

  • Custom Magento site programming IS a challenge. Many developers consider working with this platform more difficult than with other eCommerce products. However, as a store owner, you do not need to worry. Our Florida Magento programmers have the experience and know-how to create the most sophisticated site, as well as market and grow it for you.
  • A Magento site requires a quality and reliable host. While some consider this to be a disadvantage of Magento Commerce, think about it this way...even if you were using a different shopping cart, how smart is it to host that site with a low quality hosting provider? Also, to be clear, poor quality does not always mean cheap and reliable doesn't have to mean expensive! Our Florida Magento programmers recommend Nexcess hosting services for your Magento site or even SiteGround. Both specialize in Magento hosting (SiteGround is a more budget conscious solution) but neither are more drastically expensive than many competitors. Further, what's the REAL savings of an inexpensive host that is always DOWN!?
  • Magento Commerce does have quite a bit of online help/documentation but not quite as much as some other open-source platforms. Also, the product support by the original Magento programmers directly to Magento site owners is poor. This can be easily explained and helped, however.

    Usually, a software product like Magento has only paid versions (there are also trial and free versions but they are significantly limited in features and/or have an expiration date). In most other cases a product simply has no commercial owner, as is often the case with open-source software. Magento actually has 3 versions: the hosted MagentoGo and Magento Enterprise (the paid versions), and Magento Community, which is the free version. It is very powerful and has no expiration. As a matter of fact, this is the version our Florida Magento programmers and mostly everyone else are referring too when they say "Magento".

    Of course, having 2 commercial products, Magento does not want to support the free one on a case-by-case basis. However, as a Magento site owner, you can manage your store using a control panel and there are plenty of tutorials and instructional material freely available on the Internet for that. For any programming or more serious tasks, please contact Florida office and our programmers will be happy to assist you.
  • Because of Magento's popularity, market prices for professional services for a Magento site are slightly higher than for other shopping carts. But what can you do? That is a fact of life. A better product costs more.
  • Magento site version upgrades need to be handled by a professional. Please do not attempt to upgrade the software yourself, especially if you have custom code or plugins added to your store. Our Florida Magento programmers are the experts and will complete your store upgrade quickly and efficiently.
  • In Magento, certain templates and pages are controlled from within the code, rather than through control panel. If you want an ability to change these parts, you can ask your developer to integrate them into the site control panel.

    Custom development will drive the cost of your Magento site up, however, what you consider a custom development might actually be just a custom design. Magento programmers can customize the look and feel of a standard template to make it appear unique to your site without custom development.
  • Last but not least, a number of Magento "problems" turn out to be human error. Nothing is really wrong with the software and user simply did not have or follow instructions properly. Incidentally, such a problem might be the hardest to correct.
  • And finally, be careful what you wish for. If you start with the right software, hire experienced developers like our Florida Magento programmers, and work hard yourself, chances are your Magento site will keep you so busy - you won't have time to count your money. Of course, that's a problem we all would like to have!

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Magento Site Problems?

If you hear complains about Magento Commerce, most of the issues mentioned are either a misunderstanding, or the oher side of Magento benefits actually. This software is a superior shopping cart and as such your Magento site development and maintenance cost might be higher than with a less quality product.

Florida Magento programmers solving the "issues"

Let us correct the "issue" statement first. Magento "issue" is not about its complexity. It is about the store owners trying to make changes that should be handled by trained professionals. We leave our car repair to auto-mechanics, we let physicians treat our allergy, yet, when it comes to Magento programming, we rush ahead like if we knew what we are doing. There is a convenient control panel that should be used for daily operations. For something more serious we recommend to contact a trained professional.

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