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Custom WordPress Developer Can Mitigate The Platform Issues

What you should know
One serious issue with WordPress is its weak eCommerce support. WordPress was originally created as a blog and news platform and, though a number of eCommerce plugins has been developed since, none of them even closely match the power of stand-alone eCommerce platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, and a number of others. If you intend to run sales from your website, please consult our Miami WordPress designers and we will see if a custom WordPress plugin would be enough or if you need a stand-alone eCommerce solution.
Custom WordPress Developer Might Help You With eCommerce
  • Heavy workload on the server: WordPress itself is rather "heavy" and pages with many images and/or switched on plug-ins can take a long time to load. Also, when your site has a lot of traffic (visitors) it can slow down. An expert custom WordPress developer can optimize your website code for a better performance. However, we would still recommend you to pick a reliable hosting solution for your website.
  • WordPress is susceptible to spammers: The popularity of WordPress attracts close attention from spammers who can infect your blogs with various viruses and spam. Despite WordPress's consistent efforts to improve its security, spammers find new ways to continue their "unfair" practice.
  • WordPress can still be confusing: If you attempt to develop your website without an advanced knowledge of this platform, you will probably waste your time and end up with a bunch of broken files. While a WordPress website is easy enough to manage, once developed by our Miami WordPress designers, it is still a challenge for an amateur to build such a site from the scratch.
  • Frequent updates: This can be considered both a drawback and an advantage of WordPress. Updates are intended to increase reliability, safety, and usability of the system, however, when and what parts to update is better to leave to a custom WordPress developer. Unless your website uses lots of custom plugins, such updates should not take much of your developer's time.

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So it's not perfect?

Can those disadvantages really outweigh the usefulness and benefits of WordPress? Just request a free consultation with a custom WordPress developer and we'll help you decide.

The Right Solution

While having its issues, custom WordPress website might be just the right solution for your business. To prevent and mitigate the platform disadvantages, hire experts. Hire Miami WordPress designers and have a peace of mind about your website solution.

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