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SoftAddicts is a professional Web Development and Software Development company. In business for almost 20 years, it is among the top Florida Software Companies, centrally located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in South Florida.

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It's not so much about WHAT SoftAddicts is, but rather about what ELSE SoftAddicts is. It is true that SoftAddicts is a professional web development and software development company in business for almost 20 years among the top Florida software companies, centrally located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. It is also true that we offer search engine optimization, social media advertising, and business marketing services. But that can be said about virtually any of our competitors.

What you should know

  • You should ONLY use professional website designers and software developers to work on your projects. That is of course if you want good and professional results. If you want a website you'll end up wasting time and money on and end up having a professional fix anyway, let your nephews, nieces and friends try out their website development skills first.
  • Make sure that you have a dedicated website development manager in your company, or an employee working directly with the website/software development team. This will assure the project fits your business and doesn't make your business fit the project.

SoftAddicts - Florida web development company

What we feel sets SoftAddicts apart is:

Our analytical approach:

We don't just "jump into" your web development or software project. We take the time to learn about your company, business practices, and other needs BEFORE we start coding to make sure the work we do for you is all you expect and more. You can read more about our process on our "How We Do I.T." page here.

Our "whole body philosophy":

The most beautifully designed website will fail if it doesn't work right the first time. Conversely, even the most useful software application won't succeed if it's not well designed and as easy on the eyes as it is easy to use. Finally, even if your project is "perfect" on launch day it has to be maintained, updated, and FOUND by your target audience! All of the elements of Function, Form, and Follow-Up have to be considered together to truly make a project successful. We call this whole body approach to development "The three F's" and you can read about it in detail in the "Our Philosophy" section here.

Our attention and focus on YOUR ultimate goal:

Your coding and graphics are complete, the QA is finished, and the site/application is launched. Most development companies send out the final bill, check you off the project board and consider you "done". The difference with SoftAddicts web development company is that we believe at that point your project has just BEGUN! We believe that the ultimate goal of any technology project is NEVER just launching a new website or deploying a software or mobile application but USING those platforms to inform, entertain, raise awareness, make/increase profits or a combination of any or all of these. Technology is an ever evolving thing and we believe that our job is to not just create your project but to help you nurture and grow it over time. Whether it's Website Development, Software and Programming, Support Services, or SEO/SEM we'll be there for you long after launch to assure your project's (and your) ultimate success however YOU define that goal!

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